Monday, 25 April 2011

No Man is an Island

My third draw from the DruidCraft Tarot illustrated by Will Worthington, authored by Stephanie and Philip Carr-Gomm and published by Connections, is the Six of Wands.

Instead of a successful parade, here we see a hunting party led by a lord on his horse, with a falcon on his arm, and followed by his retinue.  Nevertheless, I still see the message of success supported by others, if anything more strongly.  The lord couldn't have a successful hunt without all the others to help and support him.  More than this, the feudal system actually acknowledged this in the sense that the lord was then responsible for taking care of all of those who formed a part of his household.  After a successful hunt, they would all return to the castle and dine in the same room, on the same food, the difference being that the lord would get the choicest meats and sit at the high table.  However, even if the hunt was poor, the household would still need to be fed - that is his responsibility and duty.

This card reminds me of the expression "no man is an island".  Despite our individualist culture, in reality we all rely on others.  Even when we think we are doing something by ourselves, such as writing this blog, we are relying on what we have learned from friends, family, teachers and books, even from the ideas triggered by strangers we see on the street.  We never exist in isolation, and for me this card acknowledges that.

I am grateful for having a place where I am both needed and supported by others.

I give thanks for the successes I achieve, both large and small: today in particular for managing to blog daily :-)


  1. I love the Druid Craft Tarot - this card speaks of Leadership to me. As you say others rely upon him, yet it is his hard work and efforts that have elevated him into this position of leadership.

    The gratitude quote that comes to my mind is;

    I am grateful that I have the endurance and courage to master those skills needed to move me forward in my life.

    but the other one that came to mind was:

    I am grateful that I recognise success can be fleeting and in order to maintain it I must keep moving onwards.

  2. Hi Helen,

    Love your gratitudes! They fit well with this card, and also with your recent post about the Sixes, which I much enjoyed ;-D I hadn't thought about the sense of movement, but that's really important. As you say, the Sixes are not the end of the path...