Thursday, 28 April 2011

Poetic Interlude

In the spirit of using this deck in a more playful way, I was inspired to write a #tarotku about the Wildwood Tarot Wanderer.  #tarotku is a fun Twitter tarot game, where one person names a card and anyone can write a haiku about it.  I love the challenge of this.  Not simply to express an aspect of a card's meaning in 140 characters, but in just 17 syllables!

I step out lightly
Onto the rainbow leading
To inspiration

And then, more poetry:

Open arms, open heart,
Rainbow leading to the start.
Gnarly woods, misty road,
Passage to a new abode.
Forest creatures, sprites and trees,
Faces there for all to see.
Speaking softly, speaking loud,
My spirit lifted up uncowed.
So, exploring I shall go,
Where it leads I do not know.


  1. Lovely poem! Are you going to write one for every card?

    Ali x

  2. Hi Ali,

    My first thought was "Are you crazy?", my second thought was "Hmm, maybe..." Not sure how comfortable I am exposing my limited poetic talents to the world. How about you join me, then I won't feel so peculiar ;-D

    Chloe x