Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ripples and Reflections

For this fifth day of drawing from the Kingdom Within Tarot, the card is the Moon.

A most unusual depiction, here we see two carp, one with orange markings, the other with purple, swimming nose to tail around the reflection of the full moon.  Between them, in amongst the ripples of air over the water, or from the movement of the fish themselves, we make out various tableaux.  A woman bound and gagged, an old woman at a table, a dung beetle pushing a huge ball of dung, a boat in flames with someone tied to it's mast, and someone in bed suffering from nightmares.  Above the fish there is a lotus flower, that archetype of wisdom growing from the muck below.  I also notice the fishes' eyes - bulbous and yet blind-looking.

There's something I really like about the idea of seeing the reflection of the moon in water, and the fish and lotus flower.  However, the tableaux seem, to me, a step too far, and far less artistically achieved.  Nevertheless, I guess their message of the strange situations which our dreams can show us is relevant to the card's meaning.  Dreams, illusions, unconscious processes and what we can create from them, both good and bad, shimmer in amongst the water's ripples.  Overall, I find this quite a powerful card, and am sure other ideas will spring from it in other readings...

I am grateful for the people and situations that have helped me plumb some of the dark places in my mind.

I am thankful to be able to try to help others find some clarity in amongst the confusion of life.

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