Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sacred Space

As I am still waiting (im)patiently for the recently released Wildwood Tarot to arrive, I've decided to do my daily draws this week with the amazing DruidCraft Tarot.  Although by different authors (Mark Ryan teemed up with John Matthews on the Wildwood, while the DruidCraft was authored by Stephanie and Philip Carr-Gomm), the decks are both illustrated by the incredibly talented Will Worthington.  So, I shall use the DruidCraft, long a household favourite, in anticipation of next week being able to draw from the Wildwood.

The first card I picked is the Wheel.  I love this image, very different from traditional symbology.  Here we see a woman drawing a circle in the sand.  She is at the mouth of a cave, on a beach by the seashore.  In her left hand she holds an eight-spoked wheel pendant, indicating the pagan wheel of the year, with its eight ritual holidays.  Meanwhile, with her right she creates a circle, sacred space, reminding me of the goddess Nemetona, who is often called on to bless circles.

For me, this card is a reminder of the cycles of life, the passage of time.  It is a suggestion to celebrate the changes that come in life, no matter whether they are bright as a Beltane fire or dark as the night of spirits at Samhain.  Each has its place in the order of things and we must at least accept (if we cannot celebrate) new life, times of plenty, but also death and times of frugality.  In all these changes, perhaps another idea we can glean from this card is that some things can stay constant - we can always make space and time for ritual in our lives.  And we can create a place of security, if only spiritual, from which to experience the passage of life.

I am grateful for the variety that life offers me, each experience a chance to live and grow.

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