Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Today we meet Shakti, the High Priestess in the Kingdom Within Tarot deck.

This is my favourite image so far this week.  Within an ellipse of the moon's phases squats Shakti, giving birth to the Quabalistic Tree of Life. 

The meanings given in the book are rather different to traditional associations with the High Priestess.  For example, included in the Key Phrases is: "She is protective and nurturing, governing home, pregnancy, and children." (sounds more like the Empress to me), and under Divinatory Meaning we find the statement: "The High Priestess reveals the querent's powers of manifestation and regeneration." (Magician, anyone?)

Nevertheless, I like the association of the High Priestess with the Moon, and also with "nine stars of the Star Universe" that can be seen behind her.  Not sure what the "Star Universe" is meant to be, but the number nine resonates with me in terms of Wiccan beliefs around the Goddess and divination.  I like that Shakti also has a star shining from her third eye, and that she is clothed in red for the root chakra, our connection with the earth and with the physical, and orange, the sacral chakra, associated with sexuality and choices.  This feels like it connects her with knowledge at a very basic, real level - a groundedness that may not express itself verbally, but is deeply felt.

The moon's phases also suggest the veiling and unveiling of knowledge, the perspective change possible at different times when we are in touch with the cycles of life, and the mysterious pull of forces we cannot quite grasp.  Another thing I notice is the way her hair flows around her, as though blown by an unseen force, yet she remains calm and focused.  In Qabalistic terms, I see her as representing the Ain Soph, the original void from which all else followed - a connection to everything, but from a place of silence.

I am thankful for my trust in my inner knowing that helps me stay calm in difficult situations.

I am grateful for the possibility of getting more in touch with the cycles of life.


  1. Now this is an interesting image and like you say, nothing like the traditional High Priestess. The first thing that struck me about the whole image was that it was showing me the various cycles of life, and the moods that one goes through, an ever changing pattern. It's like she's saying, life keeps moving, so must we and in doing so we must use our creative powers to help colour our world and our moods.

    I am grateful that as I move through my life, that I can use my creativity to help create the colours and moods in my world.

  2. Oh, I like that, Helen, the colours and moods of life... Once again a non-traditional interpretation for the High Priestess, but very fitting for this image, and very empowering.