Thursday, 28 April 2011

Straight Up Interview

Over on the TABI forum some people in the Wildwood Study Group decided to use the New Deck Interview Spread propagated by Fire Raven on Aeclectic, and I couldn't resist joining in...

So, the Wildwood and I settled down for a good chat.  I didn't have to wonder long who would be sent to represent this deck and answer my questions.

1) What is your most important characteristic? King of Arrows - Kingfisher.

"I am insightful and quick, incisive and I don't waste time, but I'm also very colourful and pretty."  He preened a little, his wings flashing bright and blue.

2) Where do your strengths lie? Nine of Vessels - Generosity.

"Although I am full of emotions, I  hold them well.  I can still maintain a sense of meditative calm, making me able to share my wisdom generously."

That's quite a trance he seems to be falling into, I wonder whether I should stop there and let him commune in silence, but then decide to carry on.

3) Where do your limitations lie?  Knight of Stones - Horse.

"I may sometimes buck the trend, and I'm certainly not always comfortable to travel with, but I can go the distance."

And not overly humble, either, I think to myself.  Still, with the sort of pedigree he has, why would he be?  Illustrated by Will Worthington, who has also crafted three oracle decks and the ever popular DruidCraft Tarot, authored by Mark Ryan, a renowned actor and author of the cult Greenwood Tarot, and by John Matthews, who has written numerous tarots, oracles and books, the Wildwood can stand proud among tarot decks.

4) What are you here to teach me?  Ace of Vessels - The Waters of Life.

"I am here to remind you that kindness and compassion are unlimited, and all can drink from my waters.  Emotion is not something to be scared of, rather it nourishes and cleanses."

That stone vessel does seem large enough to flow forever.  And it looks like a beautiful place to be.  I love that the swan and the stag share the waters, while a small boat floats calmly along, representing the human element in this otherwise bucolic and megalithic scene.
5) How can we best learn and collaborate with one another?  Six of Bows Abundance. 

"Accepting that we make our own abundance, be it time or energy, we can always find the space to play together. The fire of enthusiasm melds with the smoke of communication, bringing joy and nourishment. So, make space for me in your life, you can always find the time if you want it enough."

Well, my record so far since I received this deck on Tuesday certainly seems to bear that out - I think about the Wildwood even when I'm supposed to be working, like a woman in love.  Better not tell my Dear One!

6) What is the potential outcome of our relationship?  Ace of Stones - The Foundations of Life.

"I can help you make a new start, feeling more grounded and connected with all aspects of your life. This means being in touch with past, present and future, for they are all connected through our embodied existence - we always have a past that influences what we choose now, and those choices lead us forward. Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

Hmm, that last was a bit cheesy, but he did admit from the start to being slightly vain.

So, two Courts and two Aces, and not a Major in sight. My new beau certainly has lots of personality and potential...

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