Friday, 1 April 2011

Whistle while you work

For today's draw I received the Eight of Pentacles from the magical Wizards Tarot by Corinne Kenner and John Blumen.

In this card we see a student diligently working to perfect his pentacle-craftsmanship.  Despite what must be quite hard work, he looks happy about what he's doing.  I can almost hear him tapping his feet to some rhythm inside his head.  His overtunic is green, suggesting life and growth, while his undertunic is a clean white, emphasising his purity of intent.  His light brown trousers suggest a certain groundedness, which matches well with the suit of pentacles.

There isn't much around him to act as a distraction other than the window by his side, but this doesn't draw him in any case.  He is engrossed in what he is doing.  In a school of magic, I like the fact that he is clearly still crafting these pentacles with care and by hand.  This is a great reminder that much of magic is about intent and practical steps, rather than being Samantha-esque nose wiggling.  This fits well with the magical exercises given in the lovely companion book, written by Corinne Kenner.  For each Professor of the Mandrake Academy (the Majors) she describes various arcane arts with suggestions for simple practices to get you started.  Be it candle magic, crystals or runes, it's not just about waving a magic wand, but about journalling, visualising, practising, creating.  And I see that here in this card! 

There's also an aspect of the sheer joy of making something.  Like the smell of fresh-baked cookies, I love knowing I've made something from scratch.  There's satisfaction in creating something, be it a meal, a work of art, or simply an enjoyable yoga practice.

I am grateful for the opportunity to practise skills both old and new.

I am thankful that hard work leads to useful, enjoyable, sometimes beautiful or tasty creations.


  1. Chloe, you are doing a great job at dragging something deep out of a shallow deck :)

  2. I'm sorry. Did Sharyn just call my deck "shallow?" Harumph.