Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bored with Myself

I am still doing regular readings for myself with the Wildwood Tarot, and in one of these, the Four of Vessels came up.  As I looked more at the card, a number of thoughts came to me, all to the music of Meredith Brooks singing "Bored with Myself".  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be on youtube!

Anyhow, unlike the traditional Four of Cups image where a figure ignores three cups before them and seems unaware of a fourth being offered to them, here all the vessels are behind the woman.  However, as water flows from them, presumably there is a tinkling of water to be heard.  This leaves two different possibilities open: either she has seen the vessels, perhaps so often as to have become inured to their charms, or else she is so wrapped up in her own mind that she hasn't noticed them.  In either case, this points to the suggestion that mindfulness is a sure way to break out of boredom.  Becoming aware of our surroundings and our selves, opening ourselves up to sensation and emotion, bring us back to life.

Just yesterday I was walking down a dull suburban street, but I let myself really feel the wind blowing, tickling my neck, tossing my hair.  I was awash in sensation, alive to the beauty of the world: how could I be bored?

Then there’s the cave behind her, entrance to the Underworld.  She has her back firmly turned to this, unwilling to explore the depths of her own psyche, but bored by the shallow, emotionless existence she allows herself.  A suggestion, then, to stop running from our own darkness into the light of company and parties, and instead allow ourselves to explore our dreams, intuitions, and shadow.

So, either focus outward, or focus inward, and there is no room for boredom.  I am loving this deck and the thoughts it brings!


  1. I really liked reading your insights on this card and the card itself is lovely.

  2. Excuse me, could you please tell me where can I find all images of this tarot deck? I would be very grateful to you.

  3. Thanks, Helen! You wouldn't necessarily expect to get so much positive stuff from a card titled Boredom, but isn't that just one of the joys of tarot :-)

  4. Hi Egor,

    I don't believe there is a site with all the images. These are ones I've scanned in. For more samples, or to buy the deck, click on the Wildwood image in the sidebar or go to Hope that helps :)