Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Creepy Priestess

Today's card from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot is the High Priestess.  This gorgeous deck, published by Magic Realist Press, was created by Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov, with the companion book written by Sophie Nusslé.

This is one of the few cards that I haven't directly been delighted with in this deck.  I find the arch decorated with bugs, and the spider's web hanging down behind the gateway, distinctly off-putting.  The thought that comes to mind is that there are lots of less-than-pleasant things crawling around in our subconscious, and that the High Priestess guards the gate to this tricky realm. 

I find it easier to stay with the stork herself, in her amazing costume.  Her pose suggests to me someone saying, "Wait, listen and pay attention!"  Good advice, even if the one I should listen to is myself.  I really like the owl to one side of her and the black cat to the other - these are creatures that I can more easily associate with wisdom, intuition, and an ability to connect to the Otherworld in its many guises.  I am also intrigued that the cat throws a shadow, but the owl doesn't appear to.  Perhaps this is just because the owl's shadow falls on the grass, but it doesn't seem that way.

I am grateful for the wisdom offered by intuition, even if I don't always want to heed its message.

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