Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Still drawing from the Anna K Tarot, today's card is the Page of Wands.

This enthusiastic young fellow is definitely curious as a cat - wondering what lies beyond the wall, wishing to fly high and free like the bird above him.  Entrepreneurial, he gathers up bits and bobs that will help him sate his thirst for new experiences.  And while on his side of the curtain the floor is made of mosaic stones, on the other side we see a beautiful tree filled with pink blossom.  I can only imagine what other delights he will discover in his explorations.

This card reminds me of the way my mother always encouraged me to try new things; from eating snails to practising yoga.  Some things I no longer choose, but others I have come to love.

I am grateful for my curiosity.

I am thankful for the experiences I have had in life, and for those that are still to come.

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