Monday, 23 May 2011

Drinking Buddies

Today's card from the Tarot Lukumi, by Emanuele Noltro & Luigi Scapini, published by Dal Negro, is the Seis de Copas (6 of Cups).

Here we see six Orishas drinking, sat on the points of a Star of David. The one at the bottom looks like a baby. Above him to the left is a leprous male figure, spotty and bandaged. Across from him, a fit-looking, white-haired man wearing green trousers seems to have some kind of lump on his head. In the centre of the Star of David, a stork sits in a nest with six chicks, each of which holds a red droplet in its mouth, dripped in from the flow from the mother stork's mouth. Above the leprous man, a chained, blue female figure with cat-like ears drinks red wine from a glass, as do they all. Across from her, another white-haired figure, this one with a long beard, a sombrero, a white-and-red striped shirt and white trousers, and right at the top a skeleton, with wine leaking out from between his rib bones.

There seems to be something of a message of communion here, of the waters of life and new beginnings, be they physical or spiritual. The Star of David unites fire and water, and these strange drinking companions cover different aspects and stages of life, from death to birth, with strange spirits and challenges in between.

I am grateful for all of life's lessons that have brought me to where I am now.

I am thankful for the many different people who have walked alongside me at various times in my life's journey.

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