Friday, 27 May 2011

El Brujo

For this final day drawing from the Tarot Lukumi, by Emanuele Noltro & Luigi Scapini, I received El Brujo - equivalent to the Magician.

I find it interesting that I've received the Magician two Fridays in a row, though what very different fellows they are!  Last week's Gay Tarot showed a show-biz magician, while this week he's more of a medicine man.

What I notice here is his cauldron full of swords and various unpleasant-looking hands and claws.  There's a snake underneath it, so a suggestion of transformation.  Not sure what to make of the smoking devil mask in the lower left hand corner...

The Brujo's face looks strangely benevolent, given the bizarre contents of his cauldron.  I guess sometimes we have to mix some pretty strange elements in order to create what we value, and we don't always get to choose.  So long as the result is creative and growthful, perhaps we have to accept the limitations life imposes along the way.

I am grateful for the things I can get done, even if the path to them is sometimes rather windy.

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