Monday, 9 May 2011

Entrevista con el Tarot Lukumi

I just recently received the Tarot Lukumi, a quite unusual deck.  Although printed in Italy by Dal Negro, the card titles are in Spanish.  The deck theme is the Afro-Cuban Orisha Spiritual tradition, called Santería.  The deck was created by Emanuele Noltro & Luigi Scapini.  The cards are based on Thoth associations, but the pips are fully illustrated.

I decided that we should get to know one another straight away, and how better than a friendly chat with a few basic questions?  Kudos to Fire Raven on Aeclectic for propagating this spread.

What is your most important characteristic?  14 - La Templanza - Temperance

Not quite what I expected, perhaps, she comes breezing in, sky-clad as the pagans would say.  I'm no prude, and the weather's warm enough, so I decide not to mention it if she doesn't.

"Although I am, how do you say... salvaje y libre, wild and free, I am still balanced.  I can be both exposing and secretive, willing to be vulnerable and yet also frightening, it's all about the equilibrio.  I can connect you with emociones profundos, and bring to light perlas de sabiduría, peals of wisdom.  Through me, you can hear the susuros of your intuición, and reconnect with your alma, your soul."

Well, I can definitely see the frightening side, but the fact that she's willing to be this open with me suggests the terrifying aspects are in some ways just a mask.  I sense her deep compassion under it.

What are your strengths as a deck?  Tres de Oros - Three of Pentacles

"I can put into lenguaje simbólico that which I see, allowing you to examinar lo, see it at a slight distancia, rather than being overwhelmed.  I am nurturing and creativa, with clear visión and enough variedad to keep you interesada.  I also put things into spiritual terms - we orishas are very spiritual, and so that's our perspective.  You see a woman, I see a madonna!"

Oh, that's quite an intriguing answer.  I thought she was going to get all practical on me, and then it went the other way.  Once again those polarities of hers.

What are your limitations?  Reina de Bastos - Queen of Wands

"Well, I must admitir that I may sometimes be rather testaruda... I think you say headstrong, and apassionada.  So, maybe you see me as quite challenging and forthright.  Nevertheless, I keep my wilder side under control, so what I say is not aggressiva, just assertive."

Hmm, I'm not sure.  Those lightning bolts emanating from her head suggest she's more than a little tempestuous.  Well, I'm not going to call her on it now, anyway, let's see what else she has to say.

What can you teach me?  La Sacerdotisa - the High Priestess

"With me you can estudiar how to allow yourself to tap into your inner wisdom, without distracciones or pretenses.  I am open to life, and hear the messages of the gods, and of the past, presente and futuro.  I will teach you how to hear some of this for yourself."

I'm glad she qualified that statement with teaching me only some of that, sounds like it could be a bit overwhelming otherwise.  I guess she did promise not to overwhelm me back at the start.  Phew!

How can I best collaborate and learn from you?  Caballo de Oros - Knight of Pentacles

"Collaborar, chiquita?  I lead the way, I guide you, un pasito, one step at a time.  My teaching, my time, is valuable.  But, oye, ralentiza - don't be in a rush.  If you try to go too rapido, maybe you make un error estupido..."

I don't like the idea of making a stupid mistake, it's true, but also like to set my own pace.  Maybe I'm not cut out for her particular style of teaching?

What is the potential outcome of our relationship?  Dos de Espadas - Two of Swords

"I can be a good sparring partner for you, challenging you to be claro in your thoughts and words.  There may sometimes be fireworks between us, but I will always meet you as an equal."

So, perhaps I was too hasty to dismiss our relationship after that last answer.  Someone to match wits with, learn to hear the messages of spirit from, and find balance with does sound like a pretty good package.  I'm actually rather charmed by her.  She's rather different from any other deck I have, and not just because of the funny accent.  Her appearance is colourful, her ideas somewhat different, challenging some of my assumptions, but without being frightening or harsh.  I hope we shall be good friends.


  1. Raphael Montoliu3 February 2012 at 00:25

    You mention that this deck was illustrated by Raphael Montoliu...
    I am Raphael, and this deck was not illustrated by me. Instead I illustrated the other deck the same authors created, the Nahualli Animal Oracle...

    Please correct,

  2. Apologies for that, I have corrected the mistake.