Thursday, 19 May 2011


On this sixth day using the Gay Tarot - authored by Lee Bursten, illustrated by Antonella Platano, published by Lo Scarabeo - the card I drew is the Man of Cups.

In this deck, the Court Cards have been renamed as Youth (Page), Man (Knight), Guide (Queen - a tastefully naked, winged male figure seen from behind, with his suit symbol), and Sage (King).  I think some of the Court Cards are really great - for example, the Sage of Swords shows a judge, while the Sage of Pentacles is an older man gardening, and the Youth of Swords looks like a computer hacker.  So, this fireman is equivalent to the Knight of Cups.  Dynamic, willing to charge in, yet associated with the element of water, this uniformed hunk could well be considered a romantic ideal.  One suggestion I see here, which I wouldn't normally associate with the Knight of Cups, is that of putting out fires, metaphorically.  This shows the diplomatic side of him, perhaps, able to understand other's emotions and act in a way to calm emotional upsets.  I guess this fits with what I often see in the Knight of Cups about being able to say the right thing to keep people emotionally attached to him, without necessarily having the follow-through we might like.  The fireman also indicates the possibility of an emotional "rescuer", someone who tries to be the hero and stop others feeling bad, or sad.

I am grateful I no longer feel the need to rescue others emotionally when they don't need it. 


  1. I like this Knight of Cups! You know what stuck me about this image is that the fireman has his feet firmly on the ground, knees slightly bent holding a strong position in order to guide all that water.

    I liked your affirmation, and it's one I shall book in my book to remember.

    The affirmation I thought of to go with this idea was:

    I am grateful that I can keep myself routed in reality in order to control my flow of emotions.

  2. I spent a lot of my early life trying to fix people who didn't want to be fixed. It was a huge life lesson to learn.
    This deck is absolutely nothing like I expected. Thanks for sharing it. Sharyn

  3. Hi Helen,

    I hadn't noticed that, but it's a good point - you need to be grounded to deal effectively with strong emotions. Your affirmation fits very well :-)

  4. Hi Sharyn,

    I spent my whole childhood being told that you can't fix anyone but yourself, and even then I found it a hard lesson to truly understand!

    I've had this deck a while, and think it's lovely, with a lot of interesting takes on traditional themes. I know some people slated it, but I guess to each their own...