Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Drawing still from the lively, Wiccan-based, naturalistic Wildwood Tarot, today's card is the Lovers.  This gorgeous deck is illustrated by Will Worthington, authored by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, and published by Connections.

Rather different to traditional images, here we see a beautiful couple committing to one another through a handfasting ceremony.  They are bound to each other by a red ribbon.  For me, this represents their promise to hold to each other in the future, and the passion and life commitment that joins them.  The tree, decorated with a lively green ribbon, suggests that this ceremony is supported and witnessed by all of nature.  Although fully clothed and looking almost shy with one another, they connect with their hearts by the placement of their hands.  The flowers in the foreground add a sensual, voluptuous feel to the card.

I am grateful for the ability to choose what and who to commit to in my life.

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