Monday, 2 May 2011


Today's card is from the Wildwood Tarot, with beautiful, lively illustrations by Will Worthington, authored by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, an published by Connections.

Another animal from the Wildwood Court comes to play today.  Hare, the Queen of Bows (Wands) looks out at us, ears cocked.  When I first saw this card I was a little non-plussed.  I wasn't sure what to make of this Queen, who isn't very feminine to my eyes.  However, thinking about it, the hare is a symbol of fertility, representing creativity.  I was also interested to see the Two of Stones (Pentacles) shows two hares boxing, and surprised to read that it is the female hares who fight.  So, someone who is willing to battle for what she values, who is creative and feisty.

I am grateful for my mother, who stands up for what she feels is right and will fight tooth and nail for her family.


  1. I'm lovin' this Queen. I mapped the court animals (see blog!) and found the Hare and the Stoat to be the most attractive to me - they both had an energy that really drew me. The Stoat's 'outsider' quality, and the way that the Hare seemed to be so down-to-earth - she ended up between the Kings of Arrows and Stones, both very serious characters, and I saw her as a real, earthy, strong, energetic influence. The person who throws their head back and laughs when it all goes wrong, but who's serious and supportive and all ears (literally ;) when it all goes wrong for others. A real fighter, but only when it's absolutely necessary - the sort of friend you'd want in difficult times, an advocate and intermediary in a sticky situation. I loved the 'life companion' in the WW book - that just summed up how I felt about the Queen of Wands anyway...but I feel the Hare, looking both proud and comedic, expands this.
    LR xx

  2. Hi Little Red,

    Absolutely loved your blog on this! There are also a couple of threads on the TABI forum you should add to... A part of me still wants to retain some connection to "traditional" associations - so I see her as more fiery than earthy, and I didn't see her humour, more her alertness and readiness. It's great to hear a different perspective to add nuances to how we read the cards :D

  3. I agree - I'm loving the TABI threads, wish for three more bank hols to consider and reply to everything..! I was writing 'earthy' I was thinking 'ahhh...but she's supposed to be firey!'...but still, I couldn't get away from that earthy quality. But with plenty of fire in there too :D
    There's a kinda madness in there too, with the moon and the 'march hare' connotations. I'm not seeing this as a real mystical madness, but more part of the humour - a response to wheighty difficulties, to see the funny side.
    I'm not sure if WW meant it that way, but I think her face is really funny! It makes me chuckle. And I think she's kinda pulling that face to make me laugh.

  4. (...humour is also something I've always felt about the traditional Queen of Wands too) - LR

  5. Bless you for putting a link up to Will's website!


    Ali x

  6. Hi Ali,

    But of course! There's a link to his site in every blog post I've done with the Wildwood, plus the little gadget at the top with the Wildwood Box cover is a link, too. Not sure how much traffic it'll generate, but it's the least I can do.


  7. I'm pretty sure you are trying to tempt me to buy another deck...

  8. Now that gratitude statement is a nice interp. of this card!

  9. Another thought about this card, in alchemy the Hare is said to be the guide to the inside of the earth and in archetypal psychology a guide to the unconscious - bearing in mind the Wands energy here a gratitude statement could be:

    I am grateful to the wisdom of my subconscious and the ability to bring it's message to life through my actions.

  10. Hi 4ofwands,

    I'm sorry, but if you want to avoid temptation this is probably not the best site to visit ;-D My name is Chloe and I'm a tarot-aholic! And the Wildwood is my new favourite "go-to" deck. Although I'll be doing daily draws with different decks every week, I think you'll still be seeing more of the Wildwood in other posts :-)

  11. Hi Helen,

    Someone else said they didn't see the Queen of Wands generally as very mother-like, but then they don't know my mother ;-D

    Your gratitude based on alchemy/archetypal psychology is great, too - love the way you brought wandsy action into accessing the subconscious!