Sunday, 1 May 2011


My daily draw today is taken from the Wildwood Tarot, illustrated by Will Worthington, co-authored by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, and published by Connections.

In this deck, the Court Cards are all represented by animals.  The Knight of Stones, equivalent to the traditional Knight of Pentacles, is Horse.

I see Horse as representing an ability to move forward, even if carrying a heavy burden of responsibility.  There is also a certain mule-headedness which I connect with more traditional versions of the Knight of Pentacles.  Still, Horse is able to kick up his heels and toss his head, enjoying the speed at which he runs and the freedom to travel long distances.  He is helpful, willing to carry people or things, and enjoys the physicality of life.  His white belly suggests a softer side to him, and his running by the sea shore is an indication of his liminal aspect, as breath of life and protector of the dead, as with the Uffington Horse.

I am grateful for the people in my life who exhibit determination and help others along the way.


  1. Like many others, this card is one which makes me love the Wildwood really deeply. It flies in the face of how I've seen the Knight of Pentacles before - where there was a 'heavy plough horse' there's a bucking, leaping stallion - I see this as a kicking against the traditional interpretations, shouting out 'I have speed and energy too!' and showing that that ability to move things forwards doesn't have to be plodding, as I'd always thought. A renewed respect for this Knight!!
    LR xx

  2. I agree, Little Red, he does seem a more interesting, nuanced Knight than the traditional one. Still some similarities - strong, determined, responsible, supportive maybe? Definitely interesting.