Friday, 20 May 2011

The Illusionist

For this last day with the Gay Tarot - by Lee Bursten, illustrated by Antonella Platano, published by Lo Scarabeo - I drew the Magician.

This glitzy, Las-Vegas-style Magician makes me think about the importance of "seeming".  It reminds me of the saying "fake it til you make it": sometimes, to persuade ourselves we can do something we just have to "pretend" until we start to believe we really can.  In the same way, putting on a uniform or costume can help us feel more confident about a role we take on.  For me, all these are aspects of being able to manifest what we want, and are about helping ourselves - about our mindset - rather than about trying to trick others.

I am grateful that I know some ways to help myself feel more confident.

I am thankful for all the different things I have been able to manifest in my life.

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