Friday, 27 May 2011

Interview with the Anna K Tarot

Although I’ve had this deck, the beautiful Anna K Tarot, for a while, I realised we hadn’t really been introduced properly.  So, I thought I’d better set that right :-)  What would this rather female-oriented deck have to say, I wondered?  Straight off I was in for a surprise, as the deck’s chosen representative walked calmly in, sat down and began examining the books under my coffee table.

"What is your most important characteristic?"  King of Cups

“Although I seem rather dreamy and romantic, I also have a strong delight in knowledge, and repay careful study.  There are plenty of emotions to be found in books, especially in novels, and I like the way that we get emotionally invested in the characters we meet.  I can help you understand these feelings at one remove, as it were, your own and those of others.”

Hmm, exploring emotions without getting swamped by them, but without pushing them away, that could certainly be useful.

"What are your strengths?"  Three of Pentacles

“I bring not only illumination, but also colour to whatever project I'm working on. I am a craftsman and work well with others, enjoying creating things of beauty that are also spiritually uplifting.  I can also remind you to enjoy your creations, appreciating them for themselves, as well as for what you have put into them.”

“Working well with others, does this mean you’d like to do spreads with other decks, or perhaps an oracle?”

“With other decks, or just with other people - you and your querents - I can help you make your readings productive, empowering and spiritual.”

"What are your limitations?"  Page of Pentacles

“I may sometimes ask you to risk what you have for a greater potential reward, which can be a little frightening. I also require some study to appreciate all I have to offer.”

Eek: “What kind of risk are we talking, here?”

“Well, that all depends... If you want a new job you may first have to give up the old, if you want a better relationship you may have to learn to compromise.  I won’t sugar-coat these things.”

That I can handle, just don’t ask me to go fishing, lol.

"What can you teach me?"  Nine of Pentacles

“I can teach you to act more independently and to value the well of prosperity that is your emotional life.  This will always take work, but by empowering you to choose what suits you best, it shouldn't feel too hard.  Doing what you enjoy means doing what you are good at, and vice versa.”

That does look like a pleasant situation to be in, with a well full of Pentacles, the sun warming my back, and beautiful red leaves all around.  And I don't mind a bit of hard work, so long as there's some fun along the way, and the rewards are worthwhile.

"How can we best collaborate?"  Nine of Cups

“We can collaborate best by you examining what it is you really wish for in any situation.  Then, we can joyfully move in tandem, step and counter step, until we reach that place.”

“That sounds like a chat-up line!”

“Well, this is a relationship we’re talking about, but no, that isn’t my intent.”

Oops, did I say that bit about the chat-up line out loud!

“I simply meant I can hear the sweet-talking I’m sure you used to do as a young and handsome Knight.”

“Are you suggesting I am no longer handsome?”

“I think I’ll just stop talking now.  Er, can I ask...”

"What is the potential outcome of our relationship?"  V - The High Priest

“I can offer you spiritual insights and learning, which I am happy to share.”

For some reason, I rather like this fellow, which is rarely the case with traditional Hierophants. He seems calm and spiritual, and he is offering a key to knowledge, rather than holding it to himself unless you’re a sworn acolyte.  And what he says fits pretty well with what the King of Cups said right at the start, representing this deck’s most important characteristics.  I do like it when someone is consistent.

“Well, that all sounds very supportive without being wishy-washy.  Thank you for coming to chat with me today.  I hope to see you again soon.”

“And I you.”  He kisses my hand and swishes out.  He is rather a charmer!

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