Friday, 6 May 2011


For this final daily draw with the Wildwood Tarot, I picked the Three of Arrows, subtitled "Jealousy". 

In this deck, illustrated by Will Worthington, co-authored by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, and published by Connections, this card shows a heart-shaped form hung from a tree.  The heart appears to have been used for target practice, with three arrows piercing it.  The top right corner is in flames, while blood drips from the lower point.

One idea that comes up for me with this card is the notion that it is we ourselves who use our own heart's for target practice, stabbing ourselves with jealous thoughts and feelings, and with self-criticism.  This may then make us burn with anger, or just leave us feeling drained.  It also makes me wonder whether in leaving our hearts hanging, wearing them on our sleeves, we are setting ourselves up for pain.

I am grateful to be able to forgive past heartbreaks.


  1. What a beautiful (though sad) interpretation - using our own hearts for target practice. I know I've done this, and it's a good way to understand how jealousy works. Thanks!!
    LR x

  2. Yeah, my mum used to say that every time you criticised yourself or said you weren't good enough, it was like taking a knife and stabbing yourself in the heart, and this card really evoked that for me.