Monday, 9 May 2011

Like a Sheep to Slaughter

Today's card from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot by Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov, with book by Sophie Nusslé, and published by Magic Realist Press, is the Tower.

This image feels open to a couple of quite different interpretations.  From the sheep's perspective, she is being stolen away from all she knows, and I imagine a fair bit of fear of the unknown.  Losing your home and your family would certainly shake a person's sense of self, of community and support: witness the situation for immigrants and refugees!  From the shepherd dog's perspective, a sense of something having happened that challenges his sense of power and capability, of who he is - if he doesn't guard his sheep, how can he be a shepherd?

The Tower seems run down, rather than attacked by external forces.  So, the force of time rather than a catastrophic event which requires us to reappraise the situation?  I also notice the storm cloud - it seems somehow small and impotent, with it's very narrow, restricted lightning bolts, and the fact that the rest of the sky seems clear.  Perhaps a suggestion that this represents how we feel, but that the real danger or threat comes from a person rather than natural forces?  Or maybe that the storms we experience in our lives affect us more because we feel the cloud hanging over our head than because of the events themselves?

I am grateful that my sense of self is not dependent on my work.

I am thankful that the challenges of ageing feel manageable (if sometimes only barely).


  1. The tower we create from apathy...

  2. Oh, interesting thought, Sharyn. Yes, we allow it to become run down because of our apathy!