Sunday, 22 May 2011


In this second draw with the Tarot Lukumi, by Emanuele Noltro & Luigi Scapini, published by Dal Negro, I am faced with a snarling black dog.  Fortunately, a machete separates me from him, a weapon and a protection.

This As de Espadas, or Ace of Swords, is certainly powerful.  It looks like this new idea or way of communicating is very necessary to fend off black thoughts, aggression from outside, and perhaps just the tangle of what sometimes goes on inside our heads.  The tangled foliage suggests a situation where nothing seems to move - perhaps office politics, or just not knowing where you want to go.  The dog suggests something that threatens you, whether from inside yourself (in the sense of depression) or from outside (attacks that can be spoken, physical, or psychic).  Holding on to a single, focused thought and purpose will help cut through all these obstacles.

I am grateful for the clarity that comes when most needed.

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