Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Queen Reading

Today being Beltane, I decided to do a reading from Christine Jette's excellent book, Tarot for All Seasons.  This book, as well as giving spreads to use for all eight of the solar festivals of the Wheel of the Year, also has spreads for different moon phases.  Additional information on rituals, candles, crystals, brews and scents, as well as sample readings with all the spreads, make this book a treasure trove of information.

In the May Queen reading five cards are laid out in an upward half ellipse curve, roughly like this:
         2                4
 1                                5

Drawing from the Wildwood Tarot, my reading came out as follows:

1)  Security - 16 - The Blasted Oak

A combination of traditional Tower and Hanged Man cards, here we see a man in flames falling from where lightning has struck the oak branch from which he was hanging.  Clearly, I'm not feeling very secure at the moment!  I see this referring to two different situations.  Firstly, back in 2008 I had a real Tower year, and some of that is on-going.  Secondly, for the last couple of weeks I've been thinking a lot about what commitment means to me, and why I'm afraid of certain aspects of it, rather than finding them a source of security.

The advice from this card, then, is to accept the changes that are happening, and recognise that being stuck in limbo, while it may feel safer, isn't actually helpful.

2) Abundance - King of Arrows - Kingfisher

I really like what Christine says here: "Abundance may encompass monetary prosperity, but it also describes the emotional breadth of your life that is full and sweet."

For me, this card seems to speak more to the emotional side of my life, though clearly these energies wouldn't go amiss in work situations either.  In order for my life to be full and sweet, I need to connect with the energies of the Kingfisher.  I need to get some perspective, and be willing to act decisively, at the same time as communicating clearly and yet in a way that is pleasant to hear.  Being clear with myself, as well, feels important.  I notice the clear waters in which the Kingfisher finds his food: emotional clarity is necessary for him to find abundance.

3) Regeneration - Page of Arrows - Wren

This position in the spread is about exploring the possibilities: the action/s needed to grow and flourish.

What I see here is a need to be willing to explore, to dig below the surface of things, particularly in the area of communication.  It also suggests that this is about the small things in life, not necessarily about big, showy things.  It is in the everyday that changes start.

4) Love - 1 - The Shaman

This guy reminds me of the soothsayer in Asterix and the Soothsayer.  Nevertheless, I won't hold that against him :laughing:  With ritual tools associated with the four elements on a boulder in front of him, wearing a bear skin and with spiral tattoos, this shaman maintains the Magician's notion of making will manifest.  He also, for me, adds in connotations of healing, as well as astral travel.

So, what to make of this here?  I think this is saying that if I want love to flourish in my life, I need to work at it, and perhaps work on healing any rifts.  Back to communication 

5) The (Potential) Future - 6 - The Forest Lovers

A couple stand, bound together by a red ribbon, to either side of a green beribboned tree.  They gaze lovingly at each other, hands to hearts as they commit to their relationship.

In addition to the sense of choice, there is a strong aspect of commitment here.  I think I need to be clear about what I want, and be willing to commit to the choices I make.  Some of these may be easy, others not so much, but dilly-dallying is clearly not a good option.  I see this referring to both the situations I mentioned under security.

Overall, what this reading tells me is that I need to accept the curve balls that life throws at me, start making small changes in my everyday life, be willing to communicate these clearly, and commit to them, if I am to feel my life is full and sweet.  Well, I'll give it my best shot...

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