Saturday, 21 May 2011


This week I will be drawing from the Tarot Lukumi, a Santería-themed deck based on the Thoth.  This deck was created by Emanuele Noltro & Luigi Scapini, and published by Dal Negro.  For this first day's draw I received the Sota de Oros, or Page of Pentacles.

The golden disk he holds aloft has a cross-roads symbol with noughts and crosses in the four corners.  This makes me think of the associations of the Page of Pentacles with study, and the idea of needing to find a direction, and then stick with it.  Perhaps for that reason his foot rests on some stones, rather than on the lumps of gold to his other side - he needs to stay grounded, not be distracted by glitter and shine.  I notice, too, the key around his neck - there are secrets that need unlocking.  He seems strong and jaunty in this pursuit, not just studying out of duty, but out of delight.

I really like the energy and feel of this card, which I often associate with.  I'm definitely of the camp that says we never stop learning and growing - doesn't mean you have to be an eternal student in official terms, but that sense of an open mind and curiosity...

I am grateful that the world still holds much to learn and explore.


  1. Those look like pomegranates and skulls to me :)

    I know squat about Santería, will enjoy seeing what cards are shown this week.

  2. Hmm, maybe you're right Sharyn, they do look like pomegranates and skulls. The glow made me say gold, and stones fit with the groundedness idea. Rather more blood-thirsty if he's standing on skulls - trophies, maybe? :-o

    I'm afraid I also know nothing about Santería, but this deck spoke to me for some reason - go figure...