Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Trimmed Interview

Even a year ago, I would have sworn that I would never dream of trimming the borders from a deck.  Firstly, because borders don't generally bother me much.  Secondly, because I have little faith in my craftsmanship.  Thirdly, because it seemed somehow wrong to tamper with a deck.  However, I have been feeling the desire to get crafty, as mentioned in yesterday's blog about pimping a deck.  And then there is the Tarot of the Sidhe.

I love this deck by Emily Carding: the colours and sheer energy and exuberance of the cards is amazing, and I enjoy her take on many traditional RWS themes.  I  have been drawing a personal daily card from this deck for about the last month, as well as occasionally meditating on one.  The big, black borders, though, really put me off.  Yesterday I finally decided enough was enough, and trimmed the deck!  And I love it!  It's so much brighter and more lively without those dark, heavy borders, and easier to shuffle, too.

So, I decided I would ask the deck a few questions about how it felt in its new trimmed state.

How do you feel?  Dreamer Four - Restoration

This card made me laugh.  Firstly, because it had been my card of the day that very morning, encouraging me to go take a nap and generally chill out and do things like trim a deck, rather than working.  Secondly, because trimming the cards "restores" them to the "canvas" state in which they would first have been painted.  The image shows a Sidhe being raised into a sunny sky, rising above a mountain top.  So, it seems the Sidhe enjoy their new look, feeling refreshed and renewed.

How have you changed?  XIX - The Sun

Clearly, the deck feels brighter, lighter, more cheerful and more welcoming.  A very positive change that feels like a new beginning, perhaps from a place of greater wisdom.

How will we get on now? Dreamer ?

Another Dreamer (Swords) card, but I'm not sure which one!  Yet this fits perfectly.  In the image, a female Sidhe has a head full of birds, and rays of light emanating from her.  So, a message about thoughts, the mind, and enlightenment.

As I was trimming the borders I thought about the fact that I really like the way Emily renamed the suits and cards, and the little phrases that were written on the bottom border of each.  Not having these, I will have to work my brain a bit harder, but it'll be worthwhile.  Fortunately, before I started cutting I had already ordered another copy of the deck, to keep in its original form.  Thank goodness, as there are no scans of the deck in the companion book, so I can't tell which card this is until the new deck arrives.

Still, there's so much potential for learning, for connecting and communicating, for meditating with this deck.  Both the difficulty of remembering the titles and the joy in learning and communicating are indicated in this Dreamer card, whatever its title may be.

I feel having to think a bit more about the cards and titles is a small price to pay for a restored and sunny deck!


  1. lovely post! thank you for this insightful take on trimming...a concept i only *learned about* this year.... I am inspired!...

  2. Hi Mzzlee,

    Well, I hope you'll share the results if you do decide to trim a deck :)

    I know lots of people trim Lo Scarabeo decks because of the multi-lingual border titles, and I've also heard of quite a few people who've trimmed the DruidCraft because it's so big. Plus lots of people just like cards where the image goes all the way to the edge!

    I won't be doing any more in a hurry, as my arms ache after all that pushing and cutting!

  3. That's the Dreamer Prince :) Very brave move there Chloe! Looking good and clearly they're pleased.

    Em xx

  4. Hi Em,

    Yes, the new, whole deck has arrived and I quickly checked. Interesting that I got the gender wrong - can you say "projection", lol. I am absolutely loving the trimmed cards - they are so beautiful! And, hey, it means two sales for you instead of one, so everyone's a winner ;-)