Monday, 16 May 2011

We All Need Friends

The Gay Tarot, by Lee Bursten and Antonella Platano, often offers a very different perspective on tarot archetypes.  In today's card, however, the twist is small and subtle.

In the Gay Tarot Five of Pentacles we still see two people outside in the snow in front of a church.  The twist here is that it is two men, one clearly injured, the other supporting him in a caring fashion.  By its very imagery, with the church in the background, it raises quite different feelings, although it is so close to traditional representations.  Given the church's often bellicose attitude to gay people, the normal idea that a church offers succor to anyone who asks seems an empty, hypocritical promise.  Instead, the support of like-minded individuals feels far more real.  This doesn't rule out the possibility of spiritual support, but it does suggest that this may come from non-institutional sources.

I am grateful to have friends to support and be supported by.

I am thankful to have spiritual beliefs that help me through hard times.


  1. Wow...I see what you mean about the Gay Tarot adding interesting ideas to the traditional cards - like you say, this is a great example. Whenever I see the traditional 5 of Pents, I'm always a bit like...'yeah, but I wouldn't want to go in there!'...what a difference it makes when the support we need comes from our companions (or maybe a helpful stranger).
    LR xx

  2. Hi Little Red,
    I recently read a really scathing review of this deck, but personally I think it offers a lot in terms of different perspectives. Perhaps it's simply that some of it is quite subtle, while other bits are really very non-traditional. I like that it makes me question some of my assumptions, and I've always found it an interesting and very readable deck.