Sunday, 8 May 2011

What Do I Want?

A short while ago, Zanna of Tarot Notes - Major and Minor, blogged about this spread, which she had seen in Living Tarot (I just love the way we form a web of tarot blogs, inspiring one another).  It’s short but sweet, so I decided to give it a go, using the Wildwood Tarot.

What do I want?  Four of Arrows - Rest

I laughed out loud at this, as since Baby Boy arrived I feel like I am constantly exhausted.  This guy, likewise, looks like he just finally collapsed on the first bit of soft grass he could find.  This card also speaks to me, with the butterfly that looks as large as the man, of the transformations we achieve when we sleep, the processing our minds are able to achieve through dreams.  

How do I get it? Five of Stones - Endurance

This card was not quite so welcome, but still rings very true.  I’m going to have to endure the restless nights for a while longer yet!  However, perhaps I can make the interrim a little more bearable by trying to find something to inspire me - I think of gazing into a fire, its mesmerizing quality, as well as the warmth it brings.  For me, I think I find this in two things - loving relationships and the tarot.  Staying up an extra half hour to do a reading may mean a little less sleep, but it also means that I feel stronger and better able to deal with the multiple awakenings and early rises.  It may also inspire my dreams...

So, and now to bed!

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