Saturday, 4 June 2011

Alchemical Wedding

This week I will be drawing from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot, which was created to celebrate twenty years as a tarot publishing firm.  The deck is authored by Mark McElroy, and illustrated by Anna Lazzarini.  The idea behind it was to meld the three main tarot traditions: the Rider-Waite-Smith; the Thoth; and the Marseilles.  Overall, I find the deck to be closest to the RWS, but there are interesting aspects of the other two present, as will hopefully be seen over the week.

For this first draw, the card is the Lovers.  Straight away we see some of the Thoth influences in depicting this more as a royal/alchemical wedding than as the garden of Eden (though the trees and snake are still present in the background a la RWS).  The woman and man in royal dress, white and red, represent different elements that, combined, lead to greater wholeness - the alchemical melding of opposites.  However, we have to choose which elements we are going to incorporate into ourselves and our lives in this process.  I like the fact that the Angel's eyes are blindfolded (another Thoth element, though in that card it is more of a cupid than an angel) - the choices we make may be blessed by spirit, but they are ours to examine and make. 

I am grateful that I can make choices in my life, and I hope that my choices lead me towards wholeness.

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