Monday, 20 June 2011

Bullish Creativity

For this third draw from the Arcus Arcanum Tarot by Hansrudi Wascher, published by AG Muller, the Ace of Pentacles appeared.

When I first got this deck, one of the things I noticed and really liked was the way the Aces, instead of being offered by a hand from a cloud, or simply floating in the air, are held by a hand formed of the element which the suit represents. Here, in the Ace of Pentacles, an earthy hand shedding small lumps rises from the ground bearing a golden pentacle.  This says something about the seeds of a new enterprise growing out of groundwork already laid, or that it is not from heaven that we receive new material possibilities, but from looking to areas that are connected to the practical and financial.

A bull, horns lowered, charges towards us, while a rabbit sits calmly in the foreground.  The bull could be seen as representing Taurus, one of the earthy zodiac signs.  However, given that neither of the other two earth signs are alluded to, I feel it is more to do with the dynamic, practical energy of the suit of Pentacles, where you take the bull by the horns and focus on the material and financial.  The rabbit suggests creativity, and money or resources multiplying.  

I am grateful for feeling energised to take on new physical challenges.

I am thankful for material opportunities that present themselves, whether I accept them or not.


  1. What an unusual and cool deck! I like it. The illustrations remind me of children's book illustrations from the early 1900's or late 1800's. Something vintage and interesting about them. Definitely lots of character!

    I need to catch up on your blog. I'm enjoying your posts.


  2. Hi MM,

    Yes, it is a rather cartoony, somewhat old-fashioned looking deck. I got it from a seller in Germany - I'm not sure it's still widely available. It's quite different to many RWS-type decks, though clearly of that ilk, and quite easy to read. Lots to explore, too :)

    Glad you're enjoying my blog, I always enjoy yours!

  3. This is great! I will be searching for this deck! I am a reader and today on drawing this card the words that came to me were 'The cow jumped over the moon' On doing an image search for my fb page I discovered this! fantastic!

    1. Hi Anni,
      Glad you found this helpful, and I'm always happy to introduce people to lovely decks :) Isn't it funny how things pop into our heads when we read?
      Wishing you a lovely week,