Monday, 13 June 2011


Finally, having mentioned this deck in the first place for its semi-illustrated pips, the Vision Quest Tarot (by Gayan Sylvie Winter & Jo Dose) has graced me with a pip card: the Four of Air.

There is a real sense of peace to this card, with the moon just above a mountain-locked lake, and four feathers floating in the air above.  Once again, the colours of the sky are breath-taking, though this time it is a night sky I see (this is more apparent in the actual card than in the scan).

I am reminded by this card of summers as a child and teen, swimming in a mountain lake in Germany.  The water was icy cold but it mattered less at night, swimming naked, than in the day when the contrast with the sun-warmed summer day brought squeals of shock and goosegumps.  Swimming in the silky water, floating on the surface to catch the warmer currents and look up at the night sky, were some of the most tranquil and awe inspiring times of my life. 

I am grateful for memories of tranquility and joy.

I am thankful for the beauty of the universe.

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