Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fairy Tales

Today's card from the Shadowscapes Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore, published by Llewellyn, is the Ten of Pentacles.

A woman sits with a huge peach in one hand, the other wrapped around the dragon on whose tail she sits.  In the distance is a castle atop a rocky outcrop.  The sky seems to be crystallized around a stain-glass-window-type design, with a sun in a circle, and geometric patterns around it.  A pentacle dangles from the dragon's claw.

Notions of family, happiness, inheritance and wealth are all here in a subtle and implicit way.  This card offers so many potential stories: the princess exiled from her kingdom; the dragon claiming first born's; lovers divided by a cruel spell; a world shattering under alien onslaught; a brave woman on a quest for a magical fruit...

I am grateful that I can still see the wonder and magic in life.


  1. This is a lovely 10 of Pentacles card indeed!

    I can think of a gratitude for this card, the vision is beautiful and offers a balance between the material and the spiritual.

    I am grateful to be reminded that there is more than one way in life to be rich .

  2. I haven't bought this deck because I can't picture reading with it. But as individual cards it is absolutely stunning. Yesterday's 10 of Wands has been with me since I saw it.

    I shall watch for it to fall into my lap.

  3. Hi Helen,

    What a lovely gratitude! That fits beautifully, thank you :)

    Hi Sharyn,

    I agree the cards can be a little busy in a big reading, but they are gorgeous... I shall keep my fingers crossed that it falls into your lap one way or another.