Friday, 24 June 2011

Hard Times

The last card I've drawn from the Arcus Arcanum Tarot by Hansrudi Wascher, published by AG Müller, is the Five of Pentacles.

Five people grace this card.  In the front there are two men who look happy or even smug, one holding a single pentacle clutched to his chest, the other with two, one in each hand.  A little behind them is third man, this one wearing what looks like some kind of livery and holding a scroll with a wax seal.  AT the back, sitting on a bench and leaning into each other, are a man and woman, each holding a pentacle and looking sad and tired. 

These last two seem to echo traditional Five of Pentacles associations - they are going through hard times, as represented by the bailiff-type figure who stands before them, wagging a finger at them.  The two men at the front would then represent the opposite point of view - if one person or couple looses, then where do the resources they held go.  In other words, this card seems to suggest that if there are losers, there may also be winners.  Even in our current "austerity" climate, this does seem to hold true - there are still some who are incredibly wealthy and receiving huge bonuses, while others march and some live on the street.

I am grateful to have a warm home and enough food to eat.

I am thankful to have a loving partner with whom to share both good times and hardships. 

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