Sunday, 26 June 2011

Harmonious Living

Today's card from the Shadowscapes Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and published by Llewellyn, is the Nine of Pentacles.

I love this depiction of a woman playing on a piano.  It captures that notion of needing to work at a skill to become adept, as well as the sense of self-confidence and of enjoying the life you have created for yourself.  There also seems to be a message about creating harmony with your environment, as well as perhaps being at one with where you are in life.

I am grateful for my daily yoga practice, which brings me peace, strength, and a sense of connection.


  1. What a beautiful deck. Love it and will have to add it to my list. Your words about the card were perfect as well. Gives me a little bit of a different perspective. Thanks ... Carol

  2. Hi Carol,
    I think this was the most beautiful deck published last year - there were other great decks, but I'm just talking sheer beauty. Definitely a lovely one to add to any collection :-)