Thursday, 16 June 2011

Inner Strength

For this sixth draw with the Vision Quest Tarot, I received the Nine of Fire (Wands).

Above a meseta landscape floats a brown wand, with lively green leaves sprouting from it's top.  A bolt of lightning pierces the clouds and separates into nine distinct strands.  Below, the stony ground suggests a time of drought and hardship, yet also an ability to withstand these difficulties.  The lightning bolt seems to energise the entire scene, the clouds, the wand and the earth all being illuminated by its flash.

It's funny, this is the second card from this deck which has brought up childhood memories for me.  This time, it is a holiday in France which is brought to mind.  A friend and I were camping in a field when an incredible storm struck, with sheet lightning and torrential rain.  Our tent collapsed, and we were grateful to be taken in by the closest household for the night.

In this card, however, there is no nearby house to retreat to.  The Inner Strength of the title would come, I suppose, from facing the lightning and rain, rather than running away from them as we did.  This seems very pertinent to me today - I have been thinking about giving up on something, because it feels too hard and I doubt my ability to do it.

I am grateful for this reminder that it is through facing hardships that we grow and learn.


  1. What an interesting tarot deck. Very nice for intuitive readings. :)

  2. Hi there, I totally agree with you. It is my favourite semi-illustrated pip deck - such beautiful images, without avoiding tough questions. And I find the naturalness speaks to me... :>