Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mother of Air

Today's card from the Vision Quest Tarot (by Gayan Sylvie Winter & Jo Dose) is equivalent to the Queen of Swords.  In this deck, as well as the suits having been renamed for the elements, the Court Cards have been renamed Daughter, Son, Mother and Father.  I suspect this was inspired by the Haindl Tarot, published eight years prior to the Vision Quest, but have no other evidence for this.  Still, both are Thoth-inspired, both come from people in Germany, and both use this somewhat unusual structure for the Courts...

This card really captures the sense of wisdom, clarity and far-sightedness that I associate with the Queen of Swords.  The colours in the sky are absolutely amazing, and I am charmed by the eagle flying against the backdrop of an eagle-head shaped cloud.  The Mother of Air looks calm, gazing into the far distance, while her hair is blown by the wind.  The teepees behind her suggest her close connection with community, yet she stands at a slight distance, able to empathise with those around her without being bogged down in their everyday concerns.

I am grateful for the wise women in my life, who see clearly and share their vision in a healing way.  

I am thankful for the Crones I have met through TABI.

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