Wednesday, 22 June 2011


The Arcus Arcanum Tarot, by Hansrudi Wascher (published by AG Müller), today offers us the Five of Swords.

Once again, this image is very different from the traditional battlefield scene, with a victor claiming all the swords.  Nevertheless, I see a connection.  This seems to me to be almost the opposite point of view.  Although still guarded by his chain-mailed soldiers, and flanked by his knights, this King is walking away from the battlements, with his sword held in a ceremonial rather than a battle ready way.  He wears no armour, and his expression shows no happiness.  Has he agreed to a truce or surrender?  Is he walking down to negotiate the take-over of his castle?

This card reminds me that sometimes we have to know when to call it a day and give in.

I am grateful to be able to stop fighting daily battles, if only temporarily.


  1. your 5S today and my 5S yesterday. There isn't always a loser; with thoughtful opponents sometimes it is just 'freed to go do something else'. Which is a win in my books.

  2. I've gotten this card a few times lately as well. I do think it can have a positive connotation, even if the event that precipitated it was not so fun. Love Sarah McLachlan!