Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tales of King Solomon

The Lo Scarabeo Tarot, by Mark McElroy and Anna Lazzarini, today offers us Justice.

This lady seems to have little of the Thoth deck to her, even her numbering is that of the RWS - XI rather than VIII.  Her clothing, crown, throne and pillars are all reminiscent of the RWS, and to a lesser extent the Marseilles.  The fact that there is a light shining from one cup of the balance, and a feather resting in the other, is different to any of the three traditions, as is the baby in a basket in front of her.  I imagine the baby is a nod towards the Old Testament tale of King Solomon who offered two disputing women that, in the interests of fairness, he could chop the baby they were arguing about in two, at which the real mother offered to relinquish her rights, and thereby proved herself.  So, does this suggest that Justice should be a trickster and manipulator, or simply have clear insight into human psychology, and is there a difference?  Rather dark questions for such a bright, balanced and sunny card.

I am grateful that when I look back on my life I am accepting of most of the decisions I have made.

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  1. I would think of Solomon as Emperor as opposed to the female High Priestess. What I thought when looking at the card before I read your excellent take was the baby could be Moses...but would we ever think of his mother in the high priestess position?

    Guess that's why I love cards, endless things to ponder...