Thursday, 30 June 2011

To Thine Own Heart Be True

The Shadowscapes Tarot, illustrated by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and with a companion book co-authored with Barbara Moore, seems to lend itself to romantic notions.  Nowhere more so than in today's card: VI The Lovers.

There is a wealth of symbolism in this card: from the sun stained-glass window above them, through the crown-carrying doves, the flowers - both lilies and roses - the embracing couple, sideways to the acorns etched into the wall, then down to the snake and apple, fairy creatures, and right at the bottom, a bright red heart tucked into the ridge on which they stand.

The choices we make, then, should come from a place of both passion and purity, and hold the potential for growth.  However, we can allow ourselves to choose poorly if we follow only passion.  Thus the title of this post - if we follow our heart, rather than our head or our genitals, we have a better chance of choosing wisely.

I am grateful for all the choices in my life which I don't regret.


  1. Very pretty card. I love your thoughts on the nature of choice. Very true. :) Hard to separate ourselves from passion, isn't it?

  2. Hi MM,
    Yes, it's very hard to separate ourselves from passion. And of course, it's not that passion is bad, just that it's only part of the equation. We need it to fuel our delight and encourage us to make choices, but if we only rely on it, well, there are more examples than we need of where that can lead ;->