Friday, 3 June 2011

Wishing upon a Star

The last card from the Anna K Tarot is the dreamy and delightful Six of Cups.

The cups in this card are almost hidden amongst the blossom growing on the beautiful balcony we see.  A fair maid gazes up into the night sky, gently holding a flower to her face, lost in daydreams of love and life.

Such dreams are easy to believe in when we are young, but as we grow older we tend to become more skeptical, less trusting.  In some ways that's good - we protect ourselves - yet it also means we harden ourselves and don't allow for the possibility of wonder.  Gazing into the night sky, into a bonfire, or into the sea, can all be experiences of this kind of wonder, reconnecting us with the beauty that is there in the world, without politics or social expectations.  If we lose that wonder, too, then life becomes a bleak place.

I am grateful for the times when I stop to smell the flowers, or lose myself in the breeze through branches.


  1. What a beautiful image this card is. Yes to take time out and just imagine what it could be like to do something that seems impossible. That old song "would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar" is now playing in my mind and part of me is shouting yes, yes I would!

    I am grateful that I allow my imagination enough life to bring wonder into my world and brighten it with with never ending possibilities. :O)

    (for me this gratitude is manifested in my fiction writing.)

  2. Ooh, good call on the song, Helen! Might try to add a youtube link :-) And a lovely gratitude, too - I'm grateful for your imagination, also, having read at least some of your tarot-based writings!

  3. Thanks Chloe if you every want to read my fiction you can find it here: Every Friday I try to post a new flash fiction the newest is up called Dead End.