Saturday, 30 July 2011


This week I have decided to draw from on oracle deck, rather than a tarot.  The Nature's Wisdom Oracle, by artist and author Mindy Lighthipe, published by Schiffer, surprised me by having very different aspects of nature in it - not just animals, but insects, birds, plants and flowers, too.  I review the deck here.

Today's card is the Pumpkin, subtitled Abundance.  I see this being about what we count as true wealth.  Today, for example, I am going to a friend's fortieth birthday party.  So, there will be an abundance of food.  More importantly, though, there will be an abundance of old friends to talk with, some of whom I haven't seen for nearly twenty years!  An abundance of life stories, of smiles and laughter, of surprises :)

I am grateful for the abundance of friendship in my life.

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