Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Claim Your Space

Dana Driscoll's Tarot of Trees takes up the challenge to show the whole spectrum of human emotion and endeavour through the symbolism of trees.  Today's card, the Five of Wands, shows how well she manages this, taking traditional meanings and adding new twists.

Four trees struggle for light and nutrients because they stand too close together, while another tree that is separated a little from the rest thrives.  On top of normal associations with competition, this card adds the point that sometimes the only reason we get into these battles is because we don't make enough space for ourselves.  Be it in terms of differentiated roles at work, a room of our own, or just some much-needed head space created by meditating or going for a walk, we can remove ourselves from struggle if we just claim our space.

I am grateful for the space I create for myself in myriad ways.


  1. SOO funny. I typed 'Inner Whiskers' into the URL box instead of 'Inner Whispers'... :D