Saturday, 23 July 2011

Come Rain or Shine

This week I will be drawing from the Tarot of Trees, by Dana Driscoll.  I am extremely impressed with this charming little deck.  Self-published, the production values are of the highest order.  The companion book is full colour, and the deck itself is well-thought out and easy to read with.

For this first draw I pulled XIV - Temperance.  A verdant tree stands on a green hill, its roots reaching down into the waters of a nearby river, its branches reaching up to the warmth of the sun.  This illustrates nicely the idea that in life, as in gardening, you need just the right mix for healthy development.  Too much sun and the leaves burn, too little and the tree lacks energy.  Too much water and the roots may rot, too little and the tree dries up, unable to move nutrients around.  The right amounts at the right times make up the optimum mix for healthy growth. 

I am grateful for being in an environment that promotes emotional and spiritual growth and health - yay for the TABI 10th Anniversary Conference.


  1. Hi Chloe! It was great to meet you at the TABI conference today. :) xx

  2. Hi Carla, lovely meeting you, too. Now I'm home I've added you to my blog roll; looking forward to hearing more from you :)