Sunday, 10 July 2011

Divining What To Say

For this second pull from the Hezicos Tarot, another Court Card has come up.

This rather sinister looking chap is the Page of Swords.  I think he looks sinister to my eyes because of the stubble, the eyeliner and the pointy ears.  He also seems war-like due to his clubbed hair.  I notice, though, his jewellry.  The small sword pendant on his necklace is a clear reminder of his suit, but what to make of his earring? 

It reminds me of a pendulum, which takes me away from ideas of sneakiness, a double-edged tongue and mind, and aggressive tendencies, and towards the title of this post.  Clearly the Page of Swords can have all those other qualities, but he is also connected with ideas, communication, and truth.  He is starting on the path of seeking answers, and why should he not also ask questions of spirit?  If the Page of Swords is sometimes a little rash in how he communicates, might he not also ask how he could better get his message across?

I am grateful for a sense of newness in the quest for answers about life.

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to experiment with new ways of communicating with others.

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