Friday, 22 July 2011

The Hermit's Lamp

For this last draw with the Silver Era Tarot, by Aunia Kahn and Russell J. Moon, I pulled the Hermit.

This card seems most appropriate on the day I head off for TABI's 10th Anniversary two-day Conference. I'm sooo excited!  It'll be a time for learning, exploring, and getting away from normal social duties and responsibilities - the Hermit!

In this depiction, the element highlighted in colour is the Hermit's lamp, glowing brightly yellow in the darkness.  This reminds me of Arwen's interpretation of the Hermit's lamp, discussed in my post about the great Life's Path reading she did for me a little while back, as well as in her most recent fictional post on the Fool's Journey.  What Arwen says is that the Hermit's lantern holds a star, or more precisely The Star.  Releasing this hope, this guiding light, so that we can follow it and be buoyed by it, is perhaps part of the task suggested by the Hermit card.  Another interpretation would simply be that the Hermit seeks for answers on paths less trodden, and is guided by an inner light.

I am grateful for this opportunity to follow the guiding light of tarot.

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