Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pulling the Covers Over My Head Spread

Recently, Claire at Beneath the Oak blogged about this spread, by Glass Owl in the e-booklet 'Personal Growth Spreads' from Aeceltic Tarot.  I really liked it, so I decided to give it a test run with the Answer Deck, which I just received.

1 - The sleepyhead: You, in your current state - Abundance

I have everything I need, so what is there to get out of bed for?  More realistically, I see this card as though it were reversed: I feel like I ought to have the whole world in my hands, and yet it all rings hollow.  Perhaps a sense that everything feels false - a mock globe in my hands rather than the real world.   Yes, I have all the basics, but then everything gets complicated.  And I'm doing something I want to be doing, and enjoying it, yet I don't have much energy...
2 - A good reason for staying in bed: This is the problem you don’t want to deal with or the reason why you are feeling down - Good News 

I don't tend to use reversals often, so when I saw this card in this position, how I read it was reversed.  There is no good news at the moment, and it's dragging me down.  I feel I have no energy, nothing to dance about.  Between Doctor's appointments for Big Boy, seeing clients who are depressed and not feeling sure if I'm helping them, and having turned forty, it's all a bit of a downer at the moment.

3 - A good reason for getting out of bed: This is your motivation for getting out of bed and facing the day - Strength

When I look at this card, the figure seems oppressive rather than up-lifting.  Still, perhaps this suggests more the fact that others need my strength, even though I sometimes doubt I have it in me.  I keep getting up and coping, just that in itself may be enough for the moment.  If I can keep going long enough, something will change.  And perhaps that's where the fourth card comes in...
4 - The chicken noodle soup or cup of coffee: This is what will nourish your soul or help lift your spirits - Battle

Once again, I'll take some poetic licence in interpreting this card.  Tapping into my strength will help give me the energy to do battle again.  And perhaps, too, finding something I think is worth fighting for will lift my energy levels, if not exactly my spirits.  I could see this as needing a hero to rescue me, but I think I go more for the notion that I need to do some searching for what feels truly worthwhile to me.  So, more of a question than an answer, but that's OK.  What is really worthwhile?  I guess that'll need a different spread


  1. The Answer Deck is such a striking deck to do this spread with. I will have to try it with the Tarot Nova since that's the deck I'm using at the moment. So sorry about all the stress and need for strength. I feel the same way about my role with my daughter's health problems.


  2. Hi MM,
    Yes, it was seeing the Answer Deck on your blog that got me interested in it ;-) There's certainly more to the cards than first meets the eye.
    Thanks for the support - I know you've been going through an awful lot of late, too. Let's hope things get easier all round!
    Hugs right back,