Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sacred Space

Interestingly, on this second day pulling from the Tarot of the Crone I drew the Four of Wands which, according to my labels section, I've not yet drawn since I started this blog!

As with most, if not all, of the cards in this deck, the image is non-traditional.   We see a female figure in a pyramid of sacred space, lines of power flowing around her.  It is through our will and intent that we create space for ourselves, be it in terms of sacred space or just a tidy kitchen area, a desk we feel comfortable working at, or time to do something for ourselves.

I am grateful for my personal space and ability to do some of the things I want.

I am thankful that the tarot helps create sacred space for me to feel spiritually connected.


  1. I absolutely love this interpretation of the 4 of Wands - reading back, I think we all have a lot to learn from the Crone :) (I work with older people and it's safe to say I definitely learn a new thing every day!)
    I've always read this card as taking time to celebrate before getting back to work tomorrow...but have never thought about what form that celebration should take, imagining a party or a drink after work...something social. The idea of this being a moment taken for onesself feels so right, and I can think back on instances where I've had a Four of Wands moment and chosen to spend it alone. Beautiful, empowering, calming, wise. Thanks Chloe!

  2. This image is one of the reasons I've never bought this deck. When I see it all I feel is the prison her choices has drawn down on herself and too late she rises to flee the consequences.
    :) Isn't reading the cards grand!

  3. Hi Little Red,
    It's interesting, my first teacher always talked about this card being about creating the foundation for a future project - depicted through a wedding as the foundation for a future life together. You can see where he's coming from, given the suit of wands and the numerology of four as stability. So, I've never really seen this card as a party for party's sake. However, combining all three ideas, we could see it as taking time to celebrate a start that has been made. And sometimes celebrating by taking some time out for yourself could be just right :-)

    Anyhow, glad this chimed for you!

  4. Hi Sharyn,

    I was not keen on the images of this deck, either, to start with. However, some people I really respect waxed lyrical about it, and I have to say that reading the author's intent really makes a difference to my perception of them :-)