Monday, 4 July 2011

Stars, But No Stripes

For today's draw with the Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorrenzi-Prince, I pulled the Ten of Cups.

Three super-imposed five-pointed stars coalesce into a figure, dancing in a star-filled sky.  The only connection with the earth seems to be through an umbilical-cord-like line from the base point of the smallest, red star, which also flows upwards into the figure's "face".  The red and white stars are also filled with smaller stars, only the purple outer layer is simple.

This makes me think of happiness come from being grounded, while at the same time filled with the light of the universe.  As some people say, we are all stardust made into flesh.  At a molecular level, we are stars.  We are also all connected to every other human in the world, and all the other beings, through our genes.

Can we learn to dance lightly, secure in this knowledge of connection and individuality combined, of physicality and spirituality wrapped in a single form?

I am grateful for my body, which connects me with life.

I am thankful for the beauty and diversity of forms that stardust takes.

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