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Recently, James Ricklef wrote an interesting post about the Hermit, referring to the saying that "When the student is ready, the teacher will come."  He suggests that it is also true that when the teacher is ready, the students come.  I would add to this something which Ernesto Spinelli wrote in his book "Tales of Un-Knowing" regarding psychotherapists: 'at key points in our practice, we will get the clients we deserve."

All this made me think of the energy of the Six of Pentacles.  While this card is sometimes seen as being about charity, I also see it as referring to giving what we can and getting what we need.  A big part of this echoes what Spinelli adds: that it is we ourselves, as meaning creators in our own lives, who imbue those clients and their material with what we need to learn.  Almost a sense that we get what we need because that is what we are able to see in the moment.  Likewise, the student finds a teacher of whom she can make sense at this moment in time, given her current beliefs.  And the teacher teaches what she needs to learn, finding students who will encourage her to explore that, not just because of what they are seeking, but of what she notes in them, which is never all that they are.

Perhaps, then, true generosity comes from life, which permits us to explore what our soul hungers to learn...

I have just had an experience of this.  At the start of June I listened to Tarot By Arwen's Tarotscopes (always interesting).  Her special offer for listeners was a discount on her "Life's Path" reading.  Given that I was (and still am) going through a lot of questioning of where I'm going, and where I should be going, in life, I decided to take the plunge.  And so, yesterday, I had a Skype reading with Arwen. 

Up til now, Arwen was someone I admired and respected, but from the distance of the written word, and her disembodied voice on a podcast.  It was lovely to finally *meet* her, even if still in a somewhat virtual form.  And the reading said quite a few things that I think I needed to hear, or maybe was just ready to hear.

An added synchronicity was the fact that the first card of the reading, indicating where I am now, is actually the card that Arwen had drawn for my sun sign in her July Tarotscope :D big grin  

This reading really looked at a lot of different aspects of my life, and helped me think about some uncomfortable things, too.  As an added bonus, I learned a little about Arwen, and also a new take on how to read the card that is at the bottom of the pack!  I've always seen this described as the Teacher card, or what is the underlying issue of the reading.  Arwen interpreted it in terms of what is the Shadow - that which we want to keep furthest from what we're looking at.  I guess both takes on this card aren't all that different, but the subtle change in emphasis was a real eye-opener for me, especially given how Arwen interpreted the card that came up in that position - the Seeker!

So, this was a reading where I learned some things about myself, some things about someone I have long respected, and some things about reading tarot - what generosity from both Arwen and the Universe!  My deepest thanks to her for this thought-provoking experience.

I listen to Tarotscopes by Tarot by Arwen & they're great.

Image: Maker Six (Six of Pentacles) from Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe, published by Schiffer.

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