Friday, 1 July 2011

Tarot of the Crone - Elemental Spread

Having had this deck, the Tarot of the Crone, for a few weeks now, I decided to start getting to grips with it.  The deck has a certain seriousness to it: I’m not sure I can imagine doing a love reading with it, though I guess it might have plenty wisdom to share, though not necessarily in the gentlest of terms.  While much of the the artwork doesn’t appeal to me straight off, the ideas behind the cards do.  In particular, I really like the reworking of the Court Cards, which become Beast (primal energy), Witch (creative expression), Grandmother (community-focused) and Shadow (the negative or overblown aspect).  So, I decided to try doing an elemental spread with these cards.

What can you teach me about values and beliefs?  4. Emperor

“Values and beliefs are what we create order in our life with.  They are what drive us to make a stand, state our case, and create lasting structures.  The passion we feel for these overarching principles pull people together to do things that are bigger than just themselves.  At the same time, we have to give ourselves to the projects they inspire by choice: if we are coerced, then the base of what is created will be unstable.  Structure can be a guiding force for good, or it can crush our souls if it is not true to us.”

What can you teach me about love and relationships? 7. Chariot

“It is important to stay hopeful and trusting in love - it is a guiding force, linking us to the Beloved, and to others.  Also, we have to put work into relationships, to will them over and over again, every day and in our actions and thoughts.  We may fall in love, but to stay in love takes commitment.  Not only that, we have to make sure to do our “housework”: keeping the space for love open and uncluttered, both within a relationship, and withing ourselves.  If we turn our intent to this, we will find our way to love, otherwise we may find we have taken a different path without noticing it.”

What can you teach me about thoughts and communication? Three of Wands

“Thoughts are transformative and magical.  What we learn throughout our lives we add to the pot of our knowledge, creating a soup of many flavours.  At different times it will have more of one taste than another, based on what we are most interested in at the time.  However, we never completely lose any of what has gone before - it is all grist for the mill, flavour for the soup.  We have to want to keep learning, though.  If we let the fire of interest and excitement in the world go out, we will stop changing, becoming cold and dull.  

In terms of communication, tuning in to how the other person will best hear us helps to draw them with us, to understand what we mean.  Words never fully communicate what we intend, they cannot contain all of what we mean.  So, the added element is the harmony between us, that lets us hear the unspoken.”

What can you teach me about practical matters? Five of Wands

“If you want to get things done, it is important to withdraw from unhelpful competition, even if it is only taking place in your own mind.  Remember your individuality, and stay playful.  In that way it is easier to stay true to what you want, without alienating others."

What can you teach me about spirituality? Shadow of Wands

“To tune in to spirit requires putting our own desires and values to one side.  It is a connecting with all that is, and if we can see only our point of view, it blocks us from seeing the beauty of everything else.  Pushing, forcing, and chasing cannot bring us to the One.  Instead, we must relax into the Beloved, accepting rather than grasping.”

I look forward to spending some more time with this deck...

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