Wednesday, 13 July 2011

This Token Admits One

Still drawing from the soon to go Out-of-Print Hezicos Tarot, today's card is the Ace of Coins (Pentacles).

I'm sure I read somewhere that the deck creator, Mary Griffin, has long painted the world of Hezicos.  Certainly, the people and locations depicted in this tarot have an other-wordly feel both in the sense of seeming different, but also in that they seem like elements of an internally congruent place.  From there, this Ace of Coins seems not only to represent the coin of the realm, but perhaps also a way into this world - a token that allows us access.  As such, it suggests a physical beginning, a move, a new start for exploration that will lead us into a different way of connecting with things which once seemed everyday.

I am grateful for the strange newness of everything, which becomes apparent if we can look at it with the eyes of a child.

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